Max Sacks International provides practical, high-quality, state-of-the-art programs, products, and services that are dedicated to developing skills, enhancing performance, and providing on-going reinforcement to individuals and their companies.


Public Workshops

Track Selling System™--The Complete Selling Process (3-day)

An intensive, three-day workshop that teaches participants how to maximize their sales efforts. The course content features Track Selling, a scientifically proven method that includes a seven step sales process utilizing the six buying motives (why people buy) and the five universal buying decisions (how people buy).

It also includes sound, effective techniques for overcoming objections, a system for developing dynamic presentations, and a way to close more sales, more often, without pressure or stress. The program is conducted by experienced sales instructors and is limited to 24 participants.

The Track Selling System™ workshop benefits inside salespeople, outside salespeople, telemarketers, managers, top executives and anyone else who interacts with your customers.


Workshop Fee

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Track Selling Online

This site will bring you to the world's finest online sales training program available.

The Track Selling System™ online course is an adult self directed course.

Track Selling Online Course

Private and Custom Workshops

Track Selling System™--In-house video training

For companies that want to conduct their own in-house sales training programs, Max Sacks International offers the most extensive, state-of-the-art interactive video program and resource materials available on the market today. Complete with seven video modules, comprehensive, yet easy to use instructor and participant materials, and a unique participant reinforcement program, the video workshop teaches the same skills and techniques presented in our public workshop. The Track Selling System video program includes an intensive one-week instructor certification program and on-going support services from Max Sacks International.

World Class Selling™--In-house (1/2-day or 1-day)

Today's successful salesperson is a consultant, counselor, in fact, partner, having a genuine desire to serve the customer. The World Class Selling Seminar teaches the salesperson to be people-oriented, not product-centered. We outline what is required to build a permanent, successful, professional sales career. Through our proven Track Selling System, we convert your selling efforts into science. Your organization will benefit greatly by having common sales language and a proven blueprint for sales success. The program's balance of people skills and sales science will allow management to begin managing a process, not personalities.

The Guaranteed Close: A Scientific Selling Procedure™--In-house (1/2-day or 1-day)

This "capsule" selling course is valuable for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. The course content includes the basics of Track Selling and the use of a unique closing process which enables salespeople to close the sale up to five times, professionally, logically, and without pressure. This program can be delivered in a half-day or one-day session.

Sales Management Clinic and Coaching Workshop--In-house (1-day or 2-day)

This custom tailored, high-level workshop provides sales managers with a concise understanding of their responsibilities and the practical, transferable skills to achieve them. Top performance as a salesperson is no guarantee of success as a sales manager. Managers must be able to coach, motivate and manage individuals while promoting a team philosophy. Our experienced instructors teach managers how to lead their sales organization to top performance. Managers will learn what is involved in coaching their salespeople on what to do and how to do it. They are taught questions to reveal specific weaknesses of their staff, how to correct weaknesses by practical demonstration and the necessity of feedback on performance after a coaching session. Effective questioning and listening coaching skills are critical to managing efficiently and are extensively reviewed. This workshop can be delivered in a one-day or two-day session.

Telemarketing Workshop--In-house (1/2-day or 1-day)

The telephone can be a highly effective sales tool if used professionally, yet few are highly skilled in its use. Participants in this workshop learn a proven, effective, scientific telephone selling procedure that leaves nothing to chance. The first 15 seconds of the call are the most important where interest and rapport must be established with the "gatekeeper" or prospect. If interest is not generated, a salesperson cannot succeed. Our instructors teach participants how to create interest getting statements that lower the prospect’s defenses and then how to uncover and relate to the buyer's hidden agenda by using effective questioning techniques. The participants learn to appeal to this hidden agenda by translating their specific product/service features into customer benefits, motivating the prospect to buy from them. Finally, a highly effective closing technique is taught that allows salespeople to close the sale without pressure. This program can be delivered in a half-day or one-day session.

World Class Customer Service™ Workshop--In-house (1/2-day or 1-day)

Despite the public relations hoopla that surrounds customer service today, exemplary service is the exception rather than the rule. Regardless of the title held, every employee is selling or unselling his or her company every hour, every day. If the customer is king, the second most important person in the kingdom must be the person who has a direct interaction on a daily basis with the king. No other position impacts the customer, or the bottom line, more. Consequently, excellent customer service must be the desire, not the duty. World Class Customer Service provides the process for making it happen.

Track Selling Graduate Program™--In-house (3-day)

This program is exclusively for recent graduates of the Track Selling System™ Workshop. The Graduate Program enables this elite group of sales professionals to take the “next step” in their personal and career development. Sales professionals face new and demanding challenges in today’s increasingly competitive business marketplace. Any company’s future will depend more on its sales and marketing ability than any other aspect of its business. With the advancement of internet technology, along with changes in sales, marketing and distribution, the need for the sales professional is more in demand today than ever before. Increasing the knowledge and ability of salespeople to respond and meet today’s challenges is what the Graduate Program is all about.

Other Services

Consulting Services

Give us your specific sales, marketing or management challenges, and we'll give you solutions that work. On a project or retainer basis, we will analyze, evaluate, and/or monitor any aspect of your sales and/or marketing organization including sales performance, sales recruiting, sales compensation, sales systems and strategies, territory assignment, position, market segmentation, distribution channels, and collateral material development, etc. Our services include field work, formal and informal research, as well as sales and marketing management guidance. The experts at Max Sacks International have provided valuable sales and marketing opportunities and solutions to thousands of companies, leading to greater reward, increased success, and maximum performance of our client companies. Let us do the same for you!