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Moving forward - Moving ahead

As the newly appointed President and CEO of Max Sacks International, it is my honor to introduce to you the new Max Sacks Leadership Team, an esteemed group of the finest and most accomplished professionals and business leaders.

Together we are committed to excelling through the distribution of the Max Sacks' Track Selling System™ and to contribute significantly to the Sales and Marketing profession globally.

The root of the word 'selling' is service. We believe a sales professional sells for one reason only: to be of service. We also believe if a sale is not in the best interest of the prospect, we have no right to sell.

Max Sacks International's track record and reputation is unsurpassed. Our new Leadership Team welcomes the opportunity to assist you and your sales management teams to achieve success. Track Selling™ continues to change thousands of peoples' lives not only professionally but personally as well.

Find out more about the tremendous worldwide contribution Max Sacks International has made under the leadership of Roy E. Chitwood who passed on July 8th, 2015. His legacy continues at

Anneli has broad experience in organizational and individual transformation, conflict resolution, corporate health, ethical conduct, dependability and loyalty, thereby increasing bottom-line profits. Her diverse education and experience in psychology, cross-cultural business and leadership uniquely qualifies her to tackle complex issues.
She is Founder and President of Inc. (1986) and the International Metaphysical Academy Inc. (2009).

Anneli had her first introduction to Roy Chitwood and Track Selling in 1990 and has since then worked closely with him as his trusted friend, personal coach and consultant.

Anneli Driessen PhD, PhD, MCC
President and CEO of Max Sacks International
Seattle, WA
annelid [at]

Office 206.706.4119
Cell 206.321.2438

Tom Bligh Executive Advisor,  President, Bligh Consulting LLC
Tom Bligh is an astute analytical big-picture thinker with proven ability to quickly assess business structures, identify areas for improvement and craft creative “game-changing” strategies. Having managed through change, including eight mergers, he is proficient in aligning organizational goals and priorities around the ever-changing needs of the customer.

Tom is the former Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for Genie Industries, a division of Terex Corporation. During his tenure the Company grew from 324 million in 1997 to 2.3 billion in 2008. Prior companies include: DeltaPoint, Bioscan, Alcon Laboratories, CooperVision-Cilco, American Hydron, PepsiCo, The Forum Corporation, and Xerox. 

He has been a business consultant to Max Sacks International for 20 years.

Tom Bligh
Executive Advisor,
President, Bligh Consulting LLC

blightj [at] 
CEO, CET Medical LLC

Virginia Gagnon, - Executive Operations Manager
As Executive Operations Manager,Virginia Gagnon is responsible for the company's general management including client and company operations, human resources, administrative and financial management.

Before joining Max Sacks International, Virginia Gagnon worked as the office manager for an accounting firm, Simon Dadoun & Co., P.S., located in Bellevue, WA, where she handled all of the company’s bookkeeping and day-to-day administrative matters. She attended Shoreline College, studying accounting and federal income tax.

Executive Operations Manager
virginia [at]


For the past 30 years, Ron Holm has served hundreds of Max Sacks International clients and trained thousands of their sales personnel. His client portfolio ranges from sales teams of Fortune 100 companies to small and medium-sized businesses. Based in Minnesota's Twin Cities, his background is high-tech and has a niche training in software sales. He has a gift for training, as well as helping client companies adapt the principles and techniques of the Track Selling System™ for their unique products, services and sales cycles.

Ron Holm is a Certified Track Selling System™ Instructor.

Ron Holm, CTSSI
Distributor/Senior Facilitator/Sales Consultant
Minneapolis, MN
ron [at]


Jason’s experience in starting and growing three businesses coupled with more than 30 years of sales & marketing has contributed to his ability to help his clients overcome many of today’s business challenges. He has worked with companies in diverse industries, both in the US and abroad. Much of his work focuses on helping leaders transform their strengths leading to wealth creation.

Jason has published in many trade journals focusing on leadership, performance, enhancing communication, sales, best practice and executing winning strategies.

Jason is a Certified Track Selling System™ Instructor.

Jason Kleid

Minneapolis, MN
jkleid [at]

Ron Chitwood  Business Consultant
Ron is President and Owner of KCRC Inc. in Southern California. As a Franchisee for Mighty Distributing System of America for 35 years, Ron has been exposed to and successfully used the principles of Track Selling in building and sustaining his business.

Ron is a former Director and Chairman of the Mighty Franchisees Association, as well as a former Director on the Franad Board, and a recent recipient of the Franchisee of the Year Award for Mighty.

As the son of former Max Sacks International President Roy Chitwood, Ron has a special appreciation for the value of Track Selling and the impact it can have on any salesperson's career.


Ron Chitwood
Business Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
ron.chitwood [at]


Susan DeFlorio Special Projects Consultant
Susan (Sue) DeFlorio has worked in executive leadership roles in data & communications for over 30 years. Her experience includes various staff positions in regulatory, product design, marketing, sales, network design and operations management, as well as developing business and regulatory strategies. In addition, Sue has provided strategic and operational consulting to various manufacturing and services businesses.

Recently, as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for FiberCloud, Inc., she led the strategic and operational direction of FiberCloud. She is a long-term supporter of MSI and the Track Selling System™.


Susan DeFlorio
Special Projects Consultant
Seattle, WA
sue [at]


The Mission of MSI

Max Sacks International is the #1 global sales training firm used by over 250,000 sales executives representing 3,000 companies in 21 countries. We provide practical, high-quality, state-of-the-art programs, products and services that are dedicated to developing skills, enhancing performance, and providing on-going reinforcement to individuals and their companies. We are committed to excellence, integrity, and 100% client satisfaction. We maintain that a company's greatest asset is the undeveloped potential of its people, and focus on developing that potential for our clients and our associates.

Money Back Guarantee

Because we are in the people business, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. From preparation to delivery, from packaging to content, we strive for excellence, professionalism, and "on-target" fulfillment of client expectations.

We believe that your experience with Max Sacks International will help you achieve your objectives and attain the success you seek. We therefore make the following commitment to you:

If for any reason, you believe our programs, products, or services do not meet your expectations, please let us know within 30 days, and we will refund your investment.


Roy Chitwood and the late Bill McKinley






Photo: The late Bill McKinley presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Roy Chitwood for his contribution to the University of Washington Sales Program.

Our History

We are a sales and sales management resource center, offering dynamic, fast-paced programs designed to fine tune the skills of the seasoned sales professional and to help the novice do it right, right from the start. We have served well over 3,000 corporate and association clients and have trained more than 250,000 sales professionals since 1958, when the company was founded by Mr. Max Sacks.

Photo above: Sales and Marketing Executives International's leadership and former presidents

Max spent his entire career in sales and sales management. His last corporate position was sales manager for a Los Angeles pharmaceutical company. Max also taught salesmanship at Los Angeles City College for several years prior to starting Max Sacks International.

Roy Chitwood, CSP, CSE purchased the company in 1976 after a long association with Max through their involvement with Sales and Marketing Executives International. While in the insurance industry, Roy sent several of his representatives through Max Sacks' training program and was impressed with the professionalism of the training and the rapid results it produced. Upon acquiring the company, Roy kept many of Max's essential concepts such as "Track" and "FUD" and updated the program by incorporating the strategies and techniques he developed throughout his 16 years in sales management in the insurance industry. Roy continually refines the program to make it the most complete and useful "real-world" training available in the constantly changing selling environment.

All programs are based on Track Selling™, a scientific, step-by-step procedure that covers all points in the sales process and leaves nothing to chance. Rather than abstract theory or emotional "hype", Track Selling present realistic, transferable skills and precise methods participants can use to achieve more success in both their professional and personal lives. Track Selling is proven in the field and proven on the bottom line.

Max Sacks International workshops, speaking engagements, audio and video products are state-of-the-art and comprehensive, earning respect and recognition from successful sales and marketing executives throughout the world.

Taught by experienced and successful sales and sales management professionals, MSI courses are energetic, entertaining, challenging, and above all, highly effective in helping your sales force realize its full potential.

From thirty-minute speeches to our intensive, information-packed three-day sales workshops, MSI programs give participants the practical, step-by-step methods and skills they need to sell more... to earn more... and to develop deep satisfaction and genuine pride in their professional sales careers.