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by Roy E. Chitwood, CSP, CSE


  1.  Court and care for your customers; it pays off
  2.  How social media can help you succeed in selling
  3.  Unlocking why buyers buy in five easy steps
  4.  Seven steps to reaching your goals in sales
  5.  Social media can help you find new customers
  6.  Want fries with that? How everybody can succeed at selling
  7.  What are the traits of outstanding sales people?
  8.  If your thinking is stinking, so is your business
  9.  Top sellers thrive in down economy
  10.  Is selling today an art or a science?
  11.  Don't repeat seven deadly sins of customer service
  12.  Seven insights to use for getting your next job
  13.  Seven steps on how to 'sell' yourself to get a new job
  14.  Ramping up sales and marketing in a recession
  15.  How to leap over the obstacles that life throws at us
  16.  Only perfect practice makes a perfect salesperson
  17.  The seven deadly sins of sales management
  18.  Why the sales manager's role is so vitally important
  19.  When the going gets tough, the tough sellers get going
  20.  Is selling today an art or a science?
  21.  Handling objections and cementing the sale
  22.  The Logistics of Merging Sales and Marketing
  23.  Old methods of closing the sale aren't very effective today
  24.  Features, benefits and reactions in the selling process
  25.  When trying to make a sale, remember to 'sell the company'
  26.  Million-dollar sales question - 'Is that correct?'
  27.  Agreement on need is key to making the sale
  28.  Two foundations for all successful sales efforts
  29.  Eight tips to boost your sales career
  30.  Companies should get to know customers better
  31.  Don't repeat seven deadly sins of customer service
  32.  Creating a true business partnership with customers
  33.  The logistics of merging sales and marketing
  34.  Toughest job in management? The sales manager
  35.  Understand the role of the true sales professional
  36.  A company's success is based upon its sales force
  37.  The Golden Rule especially applies to salespeople
  38.  Use 'Wheel of Activity' to create a balance in life
  39.  Time to erase the lack of respect felt by the sales profession
  40.  Civility plays a huge role in salesperson's success
  41.  Having the right attitude in the sales profession
  42.  Sales profession today moves to the next level
  43.  Time to stop and evaluate goals, examine failures
  44.  Effectively merge marketing and sales departments
  45.  Best salesperson in the company - the CEO
  46.  Maneuvering multiple obstacles to make the sale
  47.  Time management is key to sales success
  48.  Sales and service start with the first point of contact
  49.  We're all involved in selling in one way or another
  50.  Marry marketing and sales to improve bottom line
  51.  What are the traits of very good salespeople?
  52.  Transforming your leadership approach
  53.  Take the last sales step; be sure to tag all bases
  54.  Keeping your customers by offering added value
  55.  Don't sell to your customers and then leave them
  56.  Key to retaining customers: Provide better solutions
  57.  Deliver the products that your customers want
  58.  'No thanks, I'm not interested' can be a blessing
  59.  Turn the office 'gatekeeper' from a foe to a friend
  60.  Using a coach and/or mentor for business success
  61.  Making the most out of each outside sales call
  62.  'Business casual?' Not if you want to make the sale
  63.  Effective time management is key to sales success
  64.  Great salespeople know when to listen to clients
  65.  People buy the same product for different reasons
  66.  Enjoying a successful livelihood as a sales person
  67.  Discover the clients' needs and make the sale
  68.  It's vital to understand what your clients need
  69.  The seven steps needed to make your next sale
  70.  Salespeople with a service ethic rise to the top
  71.  Selling steps lead to deals - and better living
  72.  Employees can either sell or unsell your company
  73.  Sales career has a solid future in stormy times
  74.  Set goals now to ensure success in the future
  75.  Prospecting is the only way to discover sales gold
  76.  'People intelligence' is central to selling well
  77.  Seven ways salespeople 'unsell' their customers
  78.  CRM is powerful as tool, but can't make any sales
  79.  Be a business consultant, not simply a salesperson
  80.  Cultivating 'warm' contacts can heat up sales
  81.  Lack of leadership is why companies are hurting
  82.  Leverage all your existing contacts to increase sales
  83.  CRM cannot replace the process of making the sale
  84.  Top salespeople may not be best sales managers
  85.  Link the product's value to your customers' customers
  86.  Team communication is key to increasing sales
  87.  Find yourself the mentor who's meant for you
  88.  3 Strategies for growing during a recession
  89.  Why Selling is a Four-Letter Word
  90.  Today's Leader
  91.  Eight Easy Strategies For Building Your Agency
  92.  Becoming a Sales Professional
  93.  Accountants can sell when they have a blueprint
  94.  The 7 Deadly Sins of Japanese Executives Doing Business in North America
  95.  Your Company's Future Depends on Making Sales a Process
  96.  Track Selling: A Shortcut To Sales Success
  97.  Train Your Sales Staff to Succeed
  98.  Let's Get Rid of Management!
  99.  Five Ingredients of Salesmanship
  100.  A fourth-quarter tune-up for your sales efforts
  101.  'Sales professional' is a commitment, not a title
  102.  Behind-the-scenes staff makes sales people stars
  103.  Don't be afraid to admit what you don't know
  104.  When push comes to shove, everyone loses
  105.  Use sales incentives carefully and honestly
  106.  After sale, don't forget account management
  107.  It'll cost you to charge more for same product
  108.  Make things right with customers or you'll be left
  109.  Staff training pays for itself over and over
  110.  Don't just look for a job - build a sales career
  111.  Dedicated selling can help jump-start economy
  112.  Customers' loyalty begins with likability
  113.  A simple question can keep a client
  114.  Fine line exists between sales and marketing
  115.  To answer the WWIDFM question, get it in writing
  116.  Why should I buy from you? That's a good question
  117.  Learn how not to let your customers hold you hostage
  118.  Questions are an essential key to making the sale
  119.  Good salespeople know listening is key to success
  120.  Common Sense needs to be More Common
  121.  Selling to multiple decision-makers takes skill
  122.  Sales cycles are becoming longer, more complex
  123.  Want to be an ace salesperson? Learn to listen to your clients
  124.  Now hear this: Listening is vital sales tool
  125.  Want to sell that product? Use your people skills
  126.  An effective sales manager learns to wear many hats
  127.  Web-based technology makes sales training easier
  128.  Tips to handle the problem-creating sales maverick
  129.  Customer service: It's how we respond to the query
  130.  Learn to keep yourself aligned with the gatekeeper
  131.  When it's closing time, use this technique
  132.  Word of mouth speaks volumes for products
  133.  Savvy salespeople can profit from the Internet
  134.  Five steps for building long-term partnerships
  135.  Avoid the seven deadly sins of sales training
  136.  Step-by-step selling works for high tech
  137.  Learning never stops for successful sales pro
  138.  New century will bring new sales professional
  139.  Selling comes down to serving the customer
  140.  Cement the sale with these concrete actions
  141.  Closing means asking for act of commitment
  142.  Sell product features to fill prospect's needs
  143.  Sell the company before selling the product
  144.  Reaching agreement essential for success
  145.  Effectively qualify prospect to stay on track
  146.  Make proper 'Approach' to begin your journey
  147.  To truly hear your client, toss the ball back
  148.  Avoiding sales 'sins' will close more deals
  149.  Positive client relationships grow business
  150.  Follow-up a vital part of the sale
  151.  A confident attitude is positively essential
  152.  Be flexible in reacting to unusual situations
  153.  Watch your time management
  154.  Focus on prime buying motives to speed the sale
  155.  To understand your client, know their 'buying motives'
  156.  Don't hesitate when it's time to make the sale
  157.  Guide your client through buying decisions
  158.  Right questions help on fact-finding calls
  159.  Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Training
  160.  To shine in sales, polish your people skills
  161.  Attention to detail makes best impression
  162.  Consider business coaches to create results
  163.  High tech can't beat out high touch of sales
  164.  'Wheel of Activity' can spin sales activity
  165.  You can anticipate the unanticipated sale
  166.  Making the most of your unique proposition
  167.  When is it time to call a halt with a client?
  168.  Never forget: How will product help client?
  169.  A reminder on the basic laws of selling