"You're On Track" - Tip Of The Week

Our "You're On Track" page is designed to strengthen your sales skills while keeping a focus on having fun in selling.

Read the weekly tip carefully and perform the action step indicated. Often you will be asked to write down your thoughts and ideas - so if you would like, print the tip and make your notes on the page.

By using this free weekly tip consistently, you will close more sales, earn more money, and have more fun in selling.

This week's tip: - Don't React

In your sales presentations, act... don't react. Stay in control. One way to stay in control is to ask questions. Your questions keep your prospect's mind focused on the topics you want to discuss. Remember, only when the customer is talking are you in control of the conversation.

In using the precise, seven-step selling process, it's up to you to keep your calls "On Track." If the prospect skips ahead, don't react by discussing that topic out of order.

For example, if the prospect asks, "What's the cost of the service," and you're only at Step 2 (Qualification), you can't say, "I'll come to that in Step 5." However, you could say, "That depends on the program you select. What are some of the features you're looking for?"


Think about the last sales presentation that you made. Were you successful in maintaining control, or did you "lose it" at any point?

Think about those times when you started to "lose it." You may find that nervousness and stress play a big part in ruffling your composure.

The truth is, at these moments, you are focused on yourself. By asking questions, you can again focus on the customer and regain control of the situation.

This week practice the tenet: Act...Don't React.






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