Partnerships and Alliances

We take pride in providing the highest quality sales training, products and services and in having a single focus: being of service to our customers. We take equal pride in forming business partnerships and strategic alliances with companies and associations who share this single focus. We have provided links to these companies below and encourage you to learn more about them.

Roy Chitwood addresses China Mobile sales.






Photo: Roy Chitwood, President of Max Sacks International,
addressing the China Mobile sales class at
China Mobile Group Training Center,
Shanghai, China.

Roy Chitwood meeting with Max Sacks China







Photo: Roy Chitwood, President of Max Sacks International
and Dr. Anneli Driessen, MCC, meeting with the staff of
Max Sacks China, Beijing Office.

Dr. Anneli Driessen, MCC (Master Certified Coach)

"Dr. Anneli Driessen joined Max Sacks International as Executive Coach and Consultant in 1990. Anneli has been at the forefront of personal and corporate change for over 20 years. She is a successful clinical therapist, business executive, consultant, confidant, mentor and master certified coach to CEOs and other C-level executives serving clients in North and South America, Asia and Europe since 1978."


Sales & Marketing Executives International

"Sales & Marketing Executives (SME) International is the world's largest association of sales and marketing managers. From its formative chapters in the late 1800s, SME chapters have spread over 100 years and span the globe from New York to Paris to Tokyo to LA, and all points in between."

"Roy Chitwood served as President of SMELA (Sales and Marketing Executives International Los Angeles) in 1986 and Chairman of the Board in 1987. He also served as President and Chairman of the Board of SMEI (Sales and Marketing Executives International) in 1998-1999."


The HR Chally Group

"The HR Chally Group: Employment Testing, Sales Research, and Sales and Management Productivity Tools used to create the most effective sales, marketing and organizational structures possible."


Dr. Revenue, John Haskell

"Sales, Marketing, and Business Plan help for Entrepreneurs and Managers from an Expert... Doctor Revenue!"