Whether you prefer the convenience and flexibility of our comprehensive audio cassette programs, the chronicled, step-by-step analysis of every element of the sales process within "World Class Selling: The Complete Selling Process", or the interaction, energy and excitement you will experience during our informative and fun seminars and workshops, all of our products and services greatly benefit any business professional.


Photo: Track Selling System™ proprietary training materials.


World Class Selling 2nd Edition

The Complete Selling Process
The Science of Selling

Author Roy E. Chitwood, CSP, CSE

WORLD CLASS SELLING 2nd Edition, a new 520-page book by Roy Chitwood, outlines a scientific process for achieving Partnerships with customers. It is a roadmap to guide you through the sales cycle.

You will learn about the buyer's hidden agenda: The Five Buying Decisions that every prospect must make before buying. You will learn the Seven Steps of the Track Selling System that carry you smoothly through each of the prospect's buying decisions in the correct order.

Audio Training Programs

Track Selling System™: The Complete Selling Process Library

The Track Selling System™ Library is available on portable flashdrives, covering each of the Seven Steps in the Track Selling System™. The program was designed to be approximately 50% reinforcement of materials covered in the 3-Day Track Selling System™ workshop and the balance of the program covering more in-depth Track Selling System™ application including the Strategic Roadmap™ and the Sales Navigator™.